Bergamot Hand Sanitizer Refill Duo
Bergamot Hand Sanitizer Refill Duo
Bergamot Hand Sanitizer Refill Duo

Bergamot Hand Sanitizer Refill Duo

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8oz Tabletop Sprayer

Matte Black Aluminum Sprayer: Premium bergamot scented hand sanitizer spray derived from organic ingredients including sugar-cane based alcohol, rosehip seed, jojoba and italian bergamia oil. Noshinku is bottled in a refillable 8oz aluminum black tabletop sprayer that sits elegantly on your desk or slides neatly into your bag.

Designed to be Refilled: Our 8oz tabletop sprayer is designed for refills to cut down on plastic waste. The first premium eco-friendly hand sanitizer.

Made with Cosmetic Moisturizers: Rosa Canina Oil soothes dry skin, Argan Oil fights skin inflammation and Jojoba Oil combats oily skin.

Long Lasting Spray: Each Noshinku tabletop sprayer provides 1,500+ spritzes compared to the 200 average uses from a comparably sized gel container.

Refill Pouch Totals 4.5X Refills

34oz Noshinku Bergamot Hand Sanitizer Eco Refill Pouch designed for the Noshinku Tabletop Sprayer. Refill your 8oz Noshinku sprayer 4+ times.

Same premium Noshinku hand sanitizer now available in a sustainable refill pouch. Cut down on plastic, save your aluminum sprayer and keep your hands healthy.

Long Lasting Spray: Each Noshinku refill provides 6,750+ spritzes which is almost 7.5x times as many uses as a comparably sized gel container.

Each pouch includes a matte aluminum funnel for easy refills.