At Noshinku, we hold quality above all else. Since our founding in 2017 we’ve been focused exclusively on hand sanitizer driven by a purpose to make hands healthy, happy, and hydrated. We didn’t jump on the hand sanitizer bandwagon.
We were born in it.

Perfection over time.

In 2017 we were fed up with low quality hand sanitizer and set out to develop a superior alternative.

Over time our chemists and fragrance designers perfected the Noshinku formula, creating the perfect blend that effectively kills germs and hydrates skin with a subtle and balanced scent. Like a fine wine, perfection takes patience, science and hard work. Every bottle we ship reflects the commitment we've made to delivering the highest quality hand sanitizer.

Carefully selected ingredients.

At Noshinku, we don’t settle for cheap ingredients. We believe that what we put in the product should be as premium as the hands that use it - while maintaining strict adherence to FDA standards and requirements.

Pharma Grade

We only use USP ‘Pharma Grade’ organic Alcohol made specifically for medical use. Our alcohol is always tested for quality and purity.

All Natural

We only use all-natural ingredients. You won't find synthetic ingredients. We never use synthetic fragrance, industrial chemicals, or things you can’t pronounce yourself. Although we will admit that Jojoba oil is somewhat hard to say.



We infuse every batch with high end botanical extracts typically found in high end skincare. Legacy brands thought we were crazy for using such high end ingredients in a hand sanitizer.

Tested and re-tested.

At Noshinku safety and effectiveness is our highest priority. We test and retest every batch of hand sanitizer produced to ensure that it reaches the highest sanitation and cleanliness standards. Noshinku goes through stringent FDA recommended testing to ensure that Noshinku is effective. When we ship a hand sanitizer you can be confident that it will work.